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There are several types of instruments used in every genre of music. Be it a synthesizer, a violin or even a guitar, almost every instrument are available in different varieties in the market. Same is the case with one of the unique instrument of music. The name is Bagpipes. If you go to any store of musical instrument you would usually find a wide range of bagpipes for sale.

If you do a research on the kinds of bagpipes for sale, you would find there are seven basic kinds available in the market. Here we are trying to throw a light on some of the popular kinds of bagpipes for sale bagpipes easily available in the market.

Great Highland Bagpipe

It is counted among the trendiest bagpipes for sale. Being originated in Ireland as well as Scotland, the instrument is used mainly for the purpose of army programs. Special kind of music is prepared by this genre of bagpipers for sale which is usually dedicated to army people.

Irish Uilleann Bagpipe

Next is the Irish Bagpipe which is counted among the most superior qualities of bagpipes for sale. The usage of Irish Bagpipe could be easily seen in staccatos. 

Scottish Small pipes

There is another kind of bagpipes for sale which is very popular among the bagpipe lovers specially the highland pipers. The Scottish small pipes could be operated by fingers as well as mouth. Each style of operation would produce a different tone. The fragile construction of the reed is probably the reason behind the difference in the tone.

Northumbrian small pipes

Four drones present in the instrument is probably the reason behind the popularity of this genre of bagpiper for sale. This feature enables the instrument to be tuned to several frequencies and levels. The seventeen chanters of the Northumbrian small pipes make it a popular instrument among almost every bagpipe lover. Although the sound produced by this genre is unique, it is not very easy to operate this bagpipe.

Biniou bagpipe

Biniou bagpipe is basically originated in Brittany France. The instrument is operated by mouth. This genre of bagpipes for sale are usually operated in such a way that the sound produced is a level higher from Great Highland Bagpipe in frequency. This is the core feature which makes the bagpipe different from rest of the kinds. This genre is mostly used in the Breton’s folk music.

Center France Bagpipes

This is yet another popular kind of bagpipes for sale which are easily available in the market. Chevrette is the second name of this genre. The core feature of the product is the components used for making it. Goatskin is used for creating this extra ordinary instrument. Like the other kinds of bagpipe, this product is also operated by mouth. Morvan, Bourbonnais and Nivernais are some of the regions of France where the instrument is highly popular.


Gaita is counted among the famous bagpipes for sale valued by some esteemed folk musicians as well as pipe bands. The instrument is highly popular in various regions of Portugal.

As compared to other musical instruments, the usage of bagpiper is rare. However if you read more about it, you would find that the concept of bagpipers for sale is intense and wide. You would find plenty of information on internet about the kinds of bagpipers usually played in different regions of the world.

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